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Kozhikode beach beautification encourages tourism

Posted on May 1, 2014
With the beautification of beach right from Kuttichira to Bhat road has indeed made Kozhikode beach a place to visit. Along with beautification, maintenance has to be taken care. No one goes to a dirty unkept beach. Authorities and other volunteer groups are now trying to keep it clean. There should be some mechanism like in Puri beach in Orissa. Kozhikode beach has some uniqueness as this is the only beach where you can find sculptures of India’s prominent sculpturers.

The modern artistic sculptures becomes an added attraction and many people just come to the beach to those art work. The northern end of beach is less crowded and ideally suited for those who want spend their evenings peacefully. The easy access from the city centre makes the beach a crowded place in the evenings especially on holidays. A stroll on the Calicut beach with a sight of sunset behind a silhouetted stilts of old pier will surely make one’s mind elated.

Monorail may bring cheers and hopefully ward off traffic woes.

Posted on May 2, 2014
  • calicut mono rail project

With a multi-model station at Mananchira - the city centre – the planned mono-rail may give the city the much needed image make-over. But will it actually remove the traffic jam? that has to be seen. With number of vehicles on the street doubling every quarter a good quality mono rail service and quick access to places may make people to think whether to take their vehicle outside. The recent workshop conducted by CMA( Calicut Management Association) puts some light into the mega Rs. 2310 crore project. The 14.5 Km overhead rail from Medical College to Meenchantha is to be built on top of the existing road. Three bogies that can carry approximately 500 people will definitely be a big Public transport venture of Malabar.

The train plies at 90 k.m. per hours speed and will have 15 stations. If the construction is finished in time it will invite people’s wrath. Unless there is coordinated effort the project may get delayed. Since the project is being built by Delhi Metro corporation gives some respite and confidence to the public. With the overall development of Calicut city the arrival mono-rail is going to be shot in the arm for general public, tourists and businessmen alike.

Kozhikode Beypore Pulimutt (Pier) beckons tourists

Posted on April 28, 2014

Recently renovated old pier at Beypore has made it a tourist spot and people throng the place in holidays. Beypore is the old port of Calicut. Famous for its Arab dhow manufacturing units it was a hub of activity in the days of the yore. The business relation with Arabs dating back to hundreds of years made Kozhikode famous around the world. It was through Arab traders that Europeans learned of this God’s own country.

The pier which runs into the sea is about 2 km stretch with nicely paved walkway. A good place to enjoy the sea by going into it and if you are lucky you can have company of Dolphins. A nice viewing spot with lighthouse and harbour nearby gives a panoramic view for photographers. Long beach and good access to city has made this place a tourist spot.

Just an hour of journey from Calicut and you are up there on the western ghats. The breathtaking dense forest hillocks on the way will be surprise to a tourist who arrive in the city. Although many of the forest area are destroyed the border between Kozhikode and Wayand districts are well preserved mainly due to its inaccessibility.

Steep Mountain climbs and terrain helps keep the rain forests. A climb and turn at the top of hill. You are then on a vast lake – pookode lake. The cloud kissing lake is a place of a solace and gets crowded in holidays. There is boating and those who wish to sit back there is good garden too.

Treditional Artforms in Malabar Area (Kerala)

Posted on April 12, 2014

Theyyam {Thira}is a treditional art form of North Malabar in Kerala . Theyyam or Theyyatam is one of the best beautiful traditional ritualistic form of North Kerala (Malabar). It is the product of a synthesis of ritual, vocal and instrumental music, dance, painting, sculpture and also literature. It is another form of God and Godess and it gives the devine voice to devotees. Since the interest in it is there in the blood of the people, the “Theyyam”survives the onslaught of science and politics over the ages.

Theyyam, a colorful ritual dance of Kerala that attributes great importance to the worship of heroes and ancestral spirits, is a socio-religious ceremony. The Theyyam festival usually held in from October to May every year. The colorful pageantry, the enthusiastic crowd and the religious favor are all worth witnessing. Every village in North Kerala was bound to perform it in connection with the local shrine (Kavu). Theyyams are performed before the shrines. This sacred dance is believed to bring about well being for the society and the family. Theyyam also called Kaliyattom presents divine forms as well as heroes from history and myth. The indigenous theyyam cult under the influence of the great classical Indian tradition incorporated new ideals and legends. It is a unique combination of dance music and also reflects the main features of a tribal culture. Theyyam performance has an aura of divine splendor as its accompanied by rituals and other devotional hymns. Certain dangerous feats performed by the Theyyams are again attributed to the divine power vibrating in them during the performance like “Thaiparadevatha theyyam, Theechamundi theyyam, Puthiya Bhagavathi theyyam etc